Wednesday, October 05, 2005 

Some basic ideas

Here are some basic BIRTs that you may want to use. E-mail me with whether you agree or disagree at goyston [at] gmail dot com.

BIRT Adam and Eve were sinners because they had children before marriage. They could not have been married, as there were no priests.

BIRT absense makes the heart grow fonder.

BIRT a stich in time saves nine.

BIRT God exists.

BIRT the war in Iraq is morally wrong.

BIRT chocolate is better than vanilla.

BIRT video games corrupt children's minds.

BIRT gay marriage should be made legal.

BIRT abortion should be legal.

BIRT circumcision at birth is wrong.

BIRT humans produce too much carbon dioxide, and it is harming the environment.

BIRT all video game companies should have to reveal all hack possibilities (i.e. Hot Coffee mod)

BIRT if someone's fly is undone, you should always tell them in any situation.

BIRT mandatory Physical Education courses are beneficial.

Surely you have an opinion on one of these things! So read the guidelines, and e-mail me!


Guidelines for Submittal

I’ll try to make this as brief as possible, so here goes. YOU MUST READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS BEFORE E-MAILING ME! Just about anything goes on this website, but there have to be some guidelines to prevent it from going crazy.

1. Statement must be clear and concise, and in one sentence. (BIRT George W. Bush should be killed, not BIRT George W. Bush, President of the United States of America is a moron and should be voted out and killed and murdered and then his body should be torn apart and destroyed and fed to wolves.)
2. Statement should begin with BIRT, which stands for “Be it resolved that.” For example, BIRT George W. Bush is ugly.
3. The statement must be precise. Not “BIRT George W. Bush is dumb.”
4. The statement has to be something that will be understood by a broad audience. Not “BIRT the new Costco in Garth, Illinois is really ugly.”
5. Finally, the statement must be defeatable. Although light-hearted debates are great, you cannot e-mail me random messages like “BIRT my middle finger is shorter than my index finger” or “BIRT the sky is blue.” These are impossible to debate, because they are undeniable scientific truth. I’m up for conspiracy theories, if you think you can prove something that was previously thought to be fact is not, but I’m not up for “BIRT the grass on my front lawn is green.”

Here is a super-good example: “BIRT the war in Iraq is unnecessary and the USA should therefore withdraw at its nearest convenience.”

Here is a super-bad example: “my m0m h8s ur m0m + shes way hawtr thn urs!”

So with all that in mind, e-mail me! Feel free to include multiple things; in fact that would be encouraged.


what this is about

I'm working on this, but what it is:

You, the viewer, e-mail me with things you have a strong opinion on.

I wait until we have to people who disagree.

Then, we have a three-way MSN conversation, with myself acting as a moderator, in which you debate the relevant points.

Then I post the complete (but possible slightly edited) conversation on this, my blog.

I'm working on a script for auto matching, or at least autosubmittal, but for now, here's what you can do to help:

If you are reading this, e-mail goyston [at] gmail dot com with "but you're wrong" in the subject line. Tell me who you are, what your MSN is, and list a couple of things you are for or against. Anything goes, from the war in Iraq, to the over-portrayal of smoking in films, to digital vs. analog watches, to why orange is better than purple, to gay marriage. It has to be something you have a pretty strong opinion about, and can back up with some arguments and points. Keep it reasonable, not "I think the sky is not blue". So hop to it! The site is in progress, and should be up in a week or so, but get e-mailing me NOW! Hop to it!

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