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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

what this is about

I'm working on this, but what it is:

You, the viewer, e-mail me with things you have a strong opinion on.

I wait until we have to people who disagree.

Then, we have a three-way MSN conversation, with myself acting as a moderator, in which you debate the relevant points.

Then I post the complete (but possible slightly edited) conversation on this, my blog.

I'm working on a script for auto matching, or at least autosubmittal, but for now, here's what you can do to help:

If you are reading this, e-mail goyston [at] gmail dot com with "but you're wrong" in the subject line. Tell me who you are, what your MSN is, and list a couple of things you are for or against. Anything goes, from the war in Iraq, to the over-portrayal of smoking in films, to digital vs. analog watches, to why orange is better than purple, to gay marriage. It has to be something you have a pretty strong opinion about, and can back up with some arguments and points. Keep it reasonable, not "I think the sky is not blue". So hop to it! The site is in progress, and should be up in a week or so, but get e-mailing me NOW! Hop to it!

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